Replay for Childcare Centres



Replay make a fantastic kids tableware range that is a favourite across Australia.  Made from recycled milk bottles, it is 100% chemical free - safe for kids and the environment.  

It comes in a rainbow of 16 bright colours and is sturdy and durable like you haven't seen before in kid’s tableware - perfect for use over and over again (and dishwasher safe)!


From plates to bowls, sippy cups and tumblers, cutlery and snack stacks - the Replay range is perfect for any meal.

  1. Flat Plate

Replay flat plates are perfect for everyday use for toddlers and older children, as well as outdoor parties, picnics and BBQ's.

They have handy deep walls that prevent food from spilling over the edges whilst eating or when taking your plate to or from the table.

  1. Divided Plate

The Replay divided plate is one of the most popular items in the range.  

Many parents find it so much easier to separate and divide their little one's food into sections and this plate makes it so simple - the three sections provide plenty of room for any mealtime combination.

The deep walls are perfect for little one's learning to feed themselves, they can scoop up their food more easily with less change of spillage.

  1. Tumbler

The Replay tumbler is the 'big kids' cup for the child that is just growing up way too fast.  

They are the mummy bear of tumblers - not too big and not too small.  They hold just the right amount of liquid for a child, and are just as useful for a teenager or adult to take on camps, picnics, etc.

Durable and lightweight, these tumblers are stackable for easy storage and ready for those last minute drink requests before bed.

  1. Sippy Cup

Famous for reducing leaks and spills, the Replay (no spill) sippy cup is perfect for kids on the go - the one piece, easy clean silicone valve keeps your child's travels leak free!

The valve of the sippy cup is in an 'S' shape which provides a much better seal than a typical straight split valve so liquid really doesn’t spill out of the cup. In addition, the sucking action on the cup makes the 'S’ shape open wider creating more liquid flow when used.

The shape of the cup, thinner at the base than at the top, makes it easy for small hands to hold and the surface is textured, as with all the Re-Play products, to prevent slippage.

  1. Snack Stack

The versatile snack stack system can expand to your children's needs. It's the perfect companion for errands and day trips.

Two pods mean you can carry two different snacks at the same time and what child doesn’t like a variety of food? They are the perfect size for grapes, nuts, blocks of cheese, crackers, raw veggies etc.  Oh and not mention dummies and formula when you're on the go with bubs. The pods are also watertight so, if you wish, you can use the bottom one for ice to keep the top container chilled. When the ice melts, it creates a cup of cold water for a healthy meal-time drink.

As the pods can be stacked, more separate snacks can be added if required.

  1. Cutlery

Perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves as their shape and size make them easy to hold.

The spoons are deep enough to allow food to reach the child's mouth, rather than spill back onto the plate.

The forks have teeth which are sufficiently long to spear food but not so long that they become fragile. Similarly, the teeth are wide enough to make them strong so they won’t break.


It is super easy - send us an email to and let us know that you're interested in adding Replay to your meal time.  We will then send you through an order form for you to complete. All orders are shipped within two weeks of receipt of payment by tracked courier to your door step. 


For all orders placed above $250 you will receive a 15% discount.  For all orders placed above $500 you will receive a 20% discount. Shipping is capped at $19.95 regardless of the quantity of your order.


It is important to us that we ensure our kids are eating healthy and our Replay kids tableware helps make eating healthy fun!  So for every Replay order of $500 or more, and for each $500 thereafter, we will give you a Replay feed me set to give away or to use for fundraising (eg: if you spend $1,000 you will receive two Replay feed me sets)!