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Sensory sand delivers plenty of fun, without the mess!

Sand is lots of fun, but it can also be a big clean-up job, especially when it makes its way into the house.

Trips to the beach or the sandpit can mean it gets everywhere – through the car, stuck in shoes, hair and then all through the house. But there is a natural alternative which gives children hours of fun without any of the mess: sensory play magic sand.

This is a product made simply of sand, cornflour and oil (with some natural colouring and sparkles as well). It’s visually appealing, mouldable and pleasant to touch. Best of all, it stays together and is easy to pack away and use time and time again.

Discover a world of sensory sand sets at Eat Sleep Play

Eat Sleep Play has a diverse range of sensory play magic sand set that comes in plenty of vivid colours and we also have our own moulds to create small shapes through to indoor sandcastles.

Children will be mesmerised by the way this product flows like it is alive and moves through their fingers, making them want to touch it more and more. It will stick to itself, but it is not going to stick to their little hands or clothes and best of all it is not going to stick to any items in your home or leave coloured marks.

It’s also a fantastic tool for developing fine motor skills in young children and it also taps into their creativity so it is an excellent educational tool for their development.

Friendly to your child and the environment

All of these products are designed to be kind to the environment, made from recycled products and organic materials. Our sensory sand is completely non-toxic and is 100%  natural, so you can be assured that it is totally safe for your children.

Eat Sleep Play also has a range of other fully recycled, organic products that have been designed to unlock your child's imagination and creativity as well as assist with their ongoing development that includes:

Playdough tools for hours of fun and play

Children will love to create with our range of playdough toys which are crafted from wood and recycled, organic plastics from food products. Cute, adorable stamps, hammers and accessories to create your own characters - take playdough to the next level.

Keep playtime organised with our storage options and play mats

Our play pouches are locally designed and created and allow for easy toy storage and transportation for those play dates with other families. They are made to be tough because children can be rough and they have a built-in play mat so you can have a mobile toy chest wherever you may be.