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Unlock the potential of wooden playdough sets – curated in Australia

Playdough tools and cutters are not only a great source of entertainment for children, but they also offer plenty of benefits when it comes to their development.

It helps with fine motor skills and pre-writing development, is great for hand-eye coordination, has a calming effect on children and it also is perfect when it comes to unlocking their creativity and imagination.

Because kids can mould it and shape it into anything they desire, it is also a great tool for opening up their senses of investigation and exploration - not bad for a product that is so simple to make at home using natural materials.

Shop a full range of wooden playdough tools, stamps and cutters

Eat Sleep Play has developed a range of products to help enhance playtime with these nifty products, including our adorable wooden stamps, playdough tools and cutters, all of which allow children to put prints of animals and more on their creations.

There are also environmentally-friendly plastics (recycled from food products) that have been crafted into cute accessories so your children can create their own characters. We also have plenty of wooden stamps, hammers and other tools that open up so many more options when it comes to creativity.

And all of our products have been designed and manufactured in Australia with the environment in mind, made from organic and/or recycled materials and they are also completely non-toxic so they are green and a safe option for children of all ages.

Wooden toys for sustainable fun

Nothing beats the classics and our range of wooden toys channel all of the charm of yesterday while also delivering a contemporary look and feel with options like mobile phones crafted from timber. They are durable, environmentally friendly and a whole lot of fun for children of all ages.

Beach toys that will last forever and deliver plenty of smiles

For water play fun, we have a range of buckets, baskets, spades and moulds that you can squish into any shape and they will revert back to their original form. Completely durable, loads of fun and totally sustainable.

Books and flashcards to assist with their development

There are plenty of educational books and flashcards on the market, but few that can match the visual appeal of our range which have been lovingly illustrated and designed to engage children as they grow and learn.

And Eat Sleep Play has a regular sales page where you can regularly find discounted items from across our range, so be sure to check in regularly. There is even a range of playdough toys available with major discounts right now, so pop by and check out the Eat Sleep Play sales page to grab a bargain.