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Play dough kits to inspire little imaginations across Australia!

Fun Dough is safe, non-toxic and washable, making it ideal for your little creators! Mix and match your mixture with our wooden tools to create hours of imaginative play for your little ones.

Kids’ playdough tubs for a world of wonder

There’s nothing more exciting to young minds than the potential for playtime. For generations, playdough kits have been the go-to for mess-free creativity in nurseries and at home, all across the globe. With endless possibilities and many sensory benefits, it makes for the perfect distraction for curious little hands and busy minds.

Fun Dough is safe, non-toxic and washable, making it ideal for your cute creators. Whether put on display or kept in the resealable playdough tubs, the bright colours and versatility of this timeless favourite always bring about a fun time for all ages. Stock up on our tubs for an easy way to incorporate healthy, functional play into your children’s day.

The gift that keeps on giving

Sensory stimulation is so important for little minds. Different textures, sensations, and shapes help them build their understanding of the world around them, letting their mind-body connection form naturally and easily, along with hand-eye coordination.

Kids’ playdough kits offer children the opportunity to explore the cause and effect of their movements with immediate visual and tactile feedback. More importantly, it lets their imagination run wild in a 3D world, letting them create fully fleshed-out shapes and figures. It’s the perfect medium that might just spark their interest in art, design and concepts.

In addition, our sensory sand products add to the many benefits of learning in this format, creating opportunities for development in kids of all ages. Also non-toxic, sensory sand adds another dimension to play that playdough doesn’t quite reach. Both options hold the promise of something beautiful and beneficial for every child’s development. Whether exploring directly with their hands or learning with our playdough tools, we make inspired learning fun.

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