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Bibs and baby dummies for a soothing experience

When it comes to babies and infants, keeping them happy, calm and well-rested is almost as big a challenge as keeping your home clean from their … enthusiasm.

Eat Sleep Play for Kids has all of the best bibs, dummies and baby pacifiers online, with ZipPay and Afterpay also available. Best of all, our products are sourced from local businesses and using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.

Bibs and dummies from leading stockists

Our range of products which will make mealtime fun without half of the food and drink ending up all over your little one.

Our bibs are designed with style in mind and to be extremely comfortable so your child won't want to pull it off in frustration.

And they are waterproof, cover more of their body than the usual models and will help protect their clothes from spills that only come naturally.

Let your child enjoy their messy mealtime with our designs.

Nappy bags

Do you sometimes feel like you are packing for a weekend away instead of just a trip to the shopping centre?

It can be tricky juggling all of the products you need for bub when you need to be mobile, which is why we stock the ultimate nappy bag. Our designs are ultra-compact but include all the compartments, space and features you need to ensure your child is well cared for, no matter where you are.

They can be worn as a backpack which makes it perfect for walks, trips to the gym and being mobile in general so your arms are free. Best of all, they are waterproof, insulated to keep bottles at the right temperature and are designed with a wide opening for easy access to everything you need.

This makes them a perfect companion for any parent and child and is guaranteed to take the stress of heading out.

Teething products

Teething isn’t any fun for your child or you.

When those new teeth are coming through, teethers are a perfect foil for the pain by giving them relief by gumming or chewing on the strong material.

Eat Sleep Play for Kids stocks silicone teething toys which are proven to be the safest option while they are also easy to keep clean so your child isn't exposed to dirt, bacteria and other harmful substances.

We stock a fun range of these non-toxic, safe teething toys with designs including ice cream cones, clouds and doughnuts that your child will just love.

ZipPay and Afterpay are also available for all of our baby pacifiers and bibs online. Access easy payment methods and browse our range today, you can shop for products for your children as well as your family and friends.