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Water play is a fantastic learning experience for children in Australia, and it also provides hours of entertainment and fun.

Playing in the water and creating with sand and mud is highly educational, helping children develop their hand-eye coordination, basic maths and science concepts as well as unlocking their creativity and imagination.

The water is also proven to be naturally therapeutic and good for emotional stability and development, so you are not only helping to develop motor skills but also social and mental skills as well.

It is a perfect way for young children to make friends as well, especially for those that may have some developmental delays when it comes to speaking. This kind of activity also helps bridge language and communication challenges through mutual creativity and goal setting.

So for parents, it is vital to ensure children have plenty of time experimenting, playing and creating with water, sand and mud and it is important they have the right eco-friendly beach toys and tools at their disposal.


Eat Sleep Play has an all-natural and organic range of baby beach toys designed to give your little ones hours of delight in the sand. Our range of dedicated waterplay products include:

Scrunch frisbees: Your child will love how these designs scrunch and fold so they can be flown through the air or simply enjoyed as a sensory experience.

Spades: These come in a range of bright colours and are made from non-toxic, organic materials.

Scrunch moulds: Children can mould beach sand or sensory sand in a range of different seaside shapes or enjoy them as standalone accessories.

Scrunch mini watering cans: These can be used as a waterplay tool while also allowing your child to explore your garden and learn about plant care and nature.

Scrunch bucket sets: You won't be finding holes in these scrunch buckets, with its ‘scrunchable’ design allowing for it to be crunched, folded and stuffed into any shape before forming back into its original shape.

All of these products are made from 100% recycled food-grade silicone, are non-toxic and easily washable. Eat Sleep Play also has other products that can be enjoyed during water play including:

Sensory sand to bring the beach to you

All the fun of playing at the beach without the mess and travel. These brightly coloured, mouldable sands are fantastic for shaping and creating.

Mushie stacking cups to help with children's skills

To further the development of your little one’s fine motor skills, these adorable stacking cups are perfect for water playtime.

Wooden toys that have been built to last

Let your child's imagination run wild with our range of handcrafted wooden toys that are sturdy, free of environmentally damaging plastics and ready for a range of games and activities. Best of all, our entire collection is available across Australia.

Don't forget to check our regular sales as well, with many of these fun water play options and other products for children regularly being discounted.

Shop our entire range – from kids watering cans to collapsible bucket and spade sets – all online at Eat Sleep Play now.