Techniques to Get Baby to Sleep for Longer (and catch more rest as a parent)

Sleep deprivation is one of the most challenging struggles any parent of a newborn will experience. Fortunately, there are methods you can employ that will help your baby establish better sleeping patterns and allow you to get more rest as well (which is always a win).

Here are some proven techniques that will help everyone in the household catch more slumber when it’s needed most.

Establish a healthy sleep routine

Babies absolutely thrive when it comes to routine and structure. They love predictability and will establish better sleeping patterns because of it. By creating a consistent 'eat, wake, sleep' cycle, your little one will be more settled, and you will be able to predict when they are likely to catch some 'Z's', so you can get a few things done or take a little Kip yourself.

Dream feed so that you can rest as well

Every parent knows the feeling: you just manage to nod off because you are totally exhausted, just for your baby to roar to life. It's a real struggle, and being ripped out of your slumber after a huge day can make you feel totally drained and defeated at times. This is where the 'dream feed' approach can be your best ally.

In the early months, this technique can be used to ensure everybody gets some sleep. Align your schedules so that bub's nighttime feed is given moments before you – the parents – want to go to sleep. This way, you are maximising the hours of sleep you get before your little one wakes up again.

Don’t let bub sleep too much during the day

Now we are not suggesting robbing your child of daytime sleep in a bid to get more nighttime rest, as that is not healthy for them. However, some will oversleep during the day, which can make it very difficult to get them down at night.

Anything over 2-2.5 hours of sleep in one block during the day is probably a bit too long. You don't need to wake them for long, but getting them up after a few hours of sleep for a feed and a short play, before putting them back down for another nap can help a lot.

Trust us – this will help with the routine and ensure they are more likely to go through the night without waking up.

Swaddling is your new best friend

In their first six months, babies have a natural startle reflex. This is essentially the sensation of falling, which will instantly wake them up. Proper swaddling helps minimise this reflex and helps them sleep for longer, while also keeping them warm and secure.

Eat Sleep Play stocks 100-per cent organic muslin wraps that are guaranteed to provide exceptional comfort and a soft touch. They are also versatile and can be used during the day as a pram blanket or cover, as well as taking on the role of your versatile sidekick in many other situations.

When it feels like you've gone days without some solid rest, the above tips will help you secure much-needed sleep when it' needed most. Adopt them as your go-to approach, and you'll find your household gets the slumber they deserve, all the while keeping your little one happy.

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