I'm a mum trying my hand at something new ...

My name is Korin and I run Eat Sleep Play (for kids).  I'm 37 years old, live in Melbourne's inner west, mum to two boys - Jayden (3.5 years) and Blake (3 months) and wifey to Josh. 

I'm currently on maternity leave from my corporate job working for NAB (please don't hold that against me)!  Our (dream) home build starts next week so I am anxiously anticipating this (its been 3 years in the making)!  I love my life - my family and friends are a major part of it.  I also enjoy travelling (lots between Melbourne and Sydney to see my family), fine dining and reading (when I get the chance), and of course shopping - especially online!

I came up with the idea to create ESP about 8 months ago - I was at a trade show event and saw some amazing baby and kids products that didn't appear to be readily available in my community so I thought I'd give an online business a shot.  

With impending maternity leave it felt only natural that I should embark on the journey straight away - wouldn't I be bored not working full time anymore?!  I needed something to keep my mind occupied right?!  Well little did I know that going from 1 child to 2 children, was like jumping to 10 children at times (I'm sure parents with multiple children know exactly what I mean)!  So with no business experience I set forth - I contacted local suppliers, created my business and website, tested and tried products and launched ESP in September last year (just 6 weeks shy of baby Blake's arrival).  

I am pleased to say it hasn't flopped yet ... But it is definitely hard work.  They say small businesses either make or break in the first 12 months - there are days that I feel defeated and other days I have a small win and get a spring back in my step, and its only now (8 months later) that I finally feel like just maybe I may make something of this. 

Getting the balance right is a struggle and I am still working my way through this.  Some days I feel like Im letting my boys down, my focus is on ESP and should be on them but then I think Im creating this not just for me but for them, my success will be there success (and to be honest I love the challenge ESP gives me)!  I think it is important as a woman to do what makes you happy and by doing that you create the best version of yourself and its this version of me that gives the best to my boys.

So, this is my third baby - ESP ... I'm going to continue to push myself to make it a success because I am passionate about providing families like mine amazing and affordable products for babies and kids.  


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  • Go girl! You are hard working and inspiring and a fantastic Mum to your boys – they are lucky to have a passionate and ambitious Mum xx

    Bec Walker

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