Creating a World of Fun at Home: Playtime Made Easy

Being a parent has had its fair share of challenges lately, as COVID-19 continues to put pressure on the world. For those stuck in isolation at home, that also means keeping the kids entertained, juggling work at the same time and maintaining, well, sanity. But there’s lots of ways you can make playtime in your house a fun and stress-free experience, all using these handy tips.

Even if you don’t use these for activities during the pandemic, they make for an ideal occupier for the young ones when the weather is looking a little worse for wear.

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Stop the kids from fidgeting with these fun activities

Okay, time to kick back and let the kids enjoy a few hours of excitement with these easy games.

Get constructive

Sometimes all you need is a few blankets, empty boxes and pillows and away they go. Let your little ones’ imaginations fly free as they dive into the world of fort construction. See who can build the biggest or most creative design for a bit of friendly competition.

Go back to the mysterious cups

Remember when you were young and watched your parents put a coin under a cup and ask you to choose which one it came from after they shuffled it around? This is still a great puzzle to use for your own kids, as well as giving them the chance to kick-start their concentration. After they’ve had a shot at it, you can ask them to try it out on you. You can use our stacking cups for this as well.


Great for the mind and for some quiet time, kids’ puzzles are not only a healthy activity for their development, but keeps them occupied for hours as well. Why not try out our Mizzle Puzzles for a ‘hopping’ good time around Australia?

Nothing beats play dough

Potentially a timeless favourite for kids of all generations, play dough spurs the imagination and  lets little minds go wild with their own creativity. Best of all, this formula is non-toxic, washable and designed for safe play at home. For added fun, grab a set of our Fun Dough Characters.

Remember, supervision is crucial

No matter what kind of playtime activities you’ve got in store, remember that it’s equally as important to keep an eye on your little ones as they enjoy the games you have in store. Even if you're juggling working from home or the weather outside, set your family up in a way that you can supervise the situation easily. Safety matters most.

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